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Shark reproduction


Oviparous animals lay eggs, inside which the young then develop before hatching occurs. Birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, invertebrates and even some mammals (the monotremes) all lay eggs but they're of very different size and construction. The patterns on bird eggs are produced by glands right at the last moment as the egg is laid. For terrestrial species that lay their eggs on land, a waterproof shell prevents the contents from drying out.



Animals produce eggs, but instead of laying the eggs, the eggs develop within the mother's body.

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Little Red - IPA Productions from IPA Productions on Vimeo.

Little Red Riding Hood

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Dr. Knickerbocker, number 9

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Let's go "trick-or-treat"

HAPPY HALLOWE'EN! Let's practise this Hallowe'en song!

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An endangered species: the rhinoceros

Mutualism. It benefits both living things.

Five Kingdoms of Life

The Five Kingdoms of life

An Introduction To Unicellular And Multicellular Organisms

Animal cell vs Plant cell

Cells differ in shape and size. They carry out different tasks.

One finger, one thumb keep moving

It's great to be me!

Listen carefully, and practice the song.

As you will have the opportunity to hear it more than once, you'll be ready to sing this song.

Cheer up!